Luminex Ethernet DMX Node 8

Product code

Product code



All configuration can be done over ethernet through a built-in website, or by using the controls on the front end. A bright blue LCD with white text and 5 navigation keys are provided to control the unit.
This all comes in a 19" 1 unit high metal housing.


  • DMX routing, universe setting
  • Input and output enable / disable
  • DMX input / output frame rate setting
  • IP settings
  • Unit ID and labeling
  • Ethernet and DMX activity indication on front end display
  • Up to 40 programmable profiles and routings
  • Up to 10 predefined profiles (ethernet, splitters, mergers)


  • Ethernet <-> DMX (ArtNet)
  • DMX Merger
  • DMX Backup
  • DMX splitter / booster
  • DMX trigger. Remote selection of the merging policy through DMX
  • Built-in DMX softpatch
  • Wysiwyg enabled. DMX inputs can be visualised in Wysiwyg

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