Zero 88 Jester ML48 Lighting Control Desk

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The Jester ML48 is a lighting console from Zero 88. It offers direct fader control of up to 48 channels of DMX and 30 fixtures using fixture select buttons and three control wheels.

Replay is either via submasters or a traditional theatre playback stack.

A monitor port is standard on the Jester ML48. Channel, fixture, cuestack and submaster data can all be viewed. Onboard LCD screens also provide the user with all information needed to operate the console allowing it to be used without a monitor.

A USB port allows users to back-up shows that have been recorded on the Jester ML.

A DMX-in port allows the Jester ML to be used as an economical back-up console for other desks. It is possible to snap shot a full 512 channels of DMX into submasters or the memory stack.

The Jester ML has three modes, allowing it to operate as simple two scene preset desk through to a fully functional memory console. A wide mode feature allows 24 channel operation, with an internal scene store for 2-preset operation. In Run mode the user has full access
to all the fader channels on the console. This allows live changes to be made to specials instantly.

MIDI notes can be used to trigger channels or
submasters. A sound to light jack allows for chases to be sequenced to music. A remote input jack allows any button on the front panel to be pressed from a remote control. Chases can be recorded into the memory stack or directly into submasters.

  • 24 channels of control
  • 30 fixtures
  • Effects engine
  • 24 Submasters
  • Playback stack with programmable times
  • Patching to 512 DMX channels
  • DMX In allowing snap shots of all 512 DMX channels
  • Monitor Display
  • USB storage
  • MIDI Notes
  • Online Help
  • Lock function

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Zero 88

Technical Specification

Weight in use8.5 kg
Dimensions90 mm x 970 mm x 278 mm
Control Input1x XLR 5 Pin (DMX), 1x DIN (MIDI)
Control Output1x XLR 5 Pin (DMX), 1x DIN (MIDI)
Faders48x Channel Faders, 2x Preset Master, 1x Sequence Master, 1x Grand Master
No Channels512
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